SouthCare Billing Inc

To obtain the reimbursement our clients are legally entitled to for services provided, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, compliance, and ethics.
To ensure timely filing of all claims.
To provide thorough follow up on all claims.
To keep our clients informed on changes or updates that may effect their practice.
To maintain a steady cash flow for your practice.

Why choose SouthCare Billing

Rapid Reimbursement
         Electronic claim transmission to hundreds of insurance carriers greatly increases the turnaround time for payment.

Increased Revenue
        With our team of experienced medical billers our clients see increased monthly revenue

Fewer Patient Calls

      SouthCare handles all billing questions for patients as well as insurance carriers. Leaving you more time to practice medicine

Competitive Pricing
      SouthCare charges a percentage of collections not charges

SouthCare billing was started in 2003 by Nick Carroll. Nick has been in the medical billing field for 17 years. He has experience in multiple specialties and billing guidelines in various states across the country. His belief is each client should be treated as if they are the only client and not just another practice. We put our best effort forward to help you achieve your goals.